Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself”


Why does it matter?

It’s not easy growing up in today’s face paced, competitive, all access, online world. Now more than ever children need to be equipped to handle life curve balls.

The way they think about themselves is crucial to their future well-being, happiness and success. Click the button below to watch my video about this topic.


A Strong Healthy Mindset Matters!

Just like growing a strong and healthy body matters, so does growing a strong and healthy mind.

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How are we different?

Meet Coach Sharon


I am a mindset coach but first and foremost I am a Mum. I was born to be a Mum and I understand that having children is like having your heart running around outside your body. I know what it’s like to worry about them and to wonder every day if you are doing it right or doing enough. Given you are here, reading this, then I know that you are! You want nothing but the best for them.


I love what I do. Watching your kids eyes light up as they learn something new about themselves, watching their fears and their anxieties fade away and watching their belief in themselves grow before my eyes, just WOW. I don’t know who has the biggest smile on their face at the end of our sessions, me or the kids 🙂


Over 10 years mindset and coaching experience and training. A Certified Adventures in Wisdom Coach for Kids.