Hi, I am Coach Sharon


I am a Certified Wisdom Coach for Children and Teens

I have been studying with the Coaching Institute based in Melbourne for the past four years and consider myself a life-long learner of human behaviour.

I am first and foremost a very proud Mum, who raised my two boys (now 17 and 18) using the powerful principles of WISDOM Coaching for Children.

Even though I  have always enjoyed coaching adults, I soon realised it is coaching children that lights me up and fills my heart the most.

“Children learn these concepts, that lead to growing self-esteem and confidence, at such a rapid rate.  They have no resistance around it because to feel good about themselves is still their natural state and they return to it quickly when shown the way.  To watch them light up and go from strength to strength is what makes this so worthwhile for me”

I believe that ‘strong mental health begins in childhood’ and this has become the mantra of our coaching business. Through coaching adults I have realised that most of the limiting beliefs that were keeping my clients stuck in life had been formed many years ago as children. This realisation led to my passion of wanting to make a difference much earlier in a person’s life and my decision to become a Certified WISDOM Coach for Children, using the same program I used to raise my own two boys (who by the way are now awesome young men and often help out in the group coaching programs.  The kids love their presence in these programs)

As a Mum and a Life Coach I am passionate about the WISDOM program because it provides our children with the skills they need to thrive in today’s face paced and changing world. I believe that children today, more than ever before, need to learn the art of emotional intelligence, self-confidence, self-leadership and most importantly the art of managing their own thought process.

I believe (and have seen in my own children) that the skills taught in the WISDOM program are skills that will serve our children right through to adulthood – and for the rest of their lives.

I am now building my dream to create a movement to empower kids to be happy, healthy, positive and to be all they can be throughout their lives.  I am also very excited that my two boys are also showing an interest and passion for working with children and are adding value to our Creative Leaders Kids business.    

Feel free to contact me via our contact form or by sending a message on our Facebook page.