Building Resilience

Building Resilience Program

Building resilience means helping kids learn how to handle the tough stuff in life. Things like making
mistakes, experiencing disappointments, facing changes, standing up to peer-pressure and disarming bullies.

In this coaching package, kids learn how to get back up again after falling down or experiencing something hurtful. Learning the skills contained in this program help ensure that these experiences don’t keep your kids stuck in life and instead they are empowered to try again and keep after their dreams.

We have a 5-session package that will help kids understand and build resilience.

If you are interested in this package please use the contact form below leaving your phone number and I will be in touch for a chat about how we can help. We can of course also tailor programs to better suit the needs of your child.

Along with the story all sessions include discussions, fun worksheets that we do together, an activity and take home sheets to reinforce the learnings.

Session 1

When kids experience a set back or disappointment in life it can shape their belief system and go on to determine what they accomplish in life. What we believe about ourselves both on a conscious level and on a subconscious level is perhaps the most significant influence on our lives.

When kids learn how to uncover negative beliefs and then shift them to supportive beliefs they become empowered to handle disappointments without giving up on themselves.

I share the story Who’s Flying Your Plane and help kids understand how their mind shapes their world and how they can shape their mind and thoughts for better results.

Session 2

In this session, we talk about belief systems. Belief systems shape what kids see as possible for their
lives. Kids who have faced disappointments or set backs often develop an “I’m not good enough”
or an “I can’t do it” attitude. Learning how to develop a belief system based on possibilities will
help kids stretch outside their comfort zone, create courage, and go for it in life – even if they’ve
stumbled in the past.

I share the story, Power of Possibility, and help kids learn that they achieve what they believe!

Session 3

In session 3 we talk about how to manage mistakes. Kids learn that everyone makes mistakes and
that it’s a normal part of life. In this skill book, kids learn that mistakes are opportunities to learn
and to grow. Which keeps their self-esteem in tact.

I share the story The Weight of Mistakes and kids learn and easy to remember process of dealing with mistakes call the “Five I’s of managing mistakes”.

Session 4

In this session we learn about moving through disappointments. We learn that failure is an
event and not who they are. They learn that failure is only a failure if they allow it to keep them
stuck and not willing to try again.

I share the story Afraid to Fail Fred and Kids learn how to put failure “in a box” so they can learn from it and move forward in their power.

Session 5

In our final session kids learn how to manage change. They learn that change is a critical part of life and that they cannot create who they want to be by staying where they are. Only by accepting and
embracing change can they move forward in their power.

I share the story Changes in Paradise and kids learn the three steps for managing change.

    Programs based on the WISDOM System for Coaching Kids TM