How Does Mindset Coaching Help?

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The best way to explain the benefits of mindset coaching for kids is to compare it to other types coaching our children receive.   

  • Our kids have:
    • teachers and tutors for their academic performance;
    • sports coaches to improve their skills in their chosen sport;
    • dance instructors to improve dance techniques;
    • music teachers to teach them to play the guitar;
    • swimming instructors to improve their swimming skills…. and so on

So why wouldn’t we have coaches to help us with our mindset and other life skills. A strong and healthy mindset in fact underpins everything else. The better we feel about ourselves, the better results we will achieve and the more success we will achieve.

Your mind and your thoughts have the ability to either propel you forward or hold you back – in any area of life!  So yeah!… kind of important don’t you think? 

Life skills are arguably the most important skills we could impart to our children especially in times where strong mental health is of such high importance. 

Something is Clearly Not Working!

When faced with challenges or disappointments (like losing a parent, family breakdown, moving away from friends and family, failing a test, not doing well at a favourite sport just to name a few) most kids don’t have the skills or tools to deal with them.   They often get really down on themselves, or give up on themselves.  They then develop some limiting belief patterns that can hold them back for the rest of their lives.  Generally us parents are unaware at all that these ‘life events’ have wounded our children to such an extent, resulting in lower self-confidence and self-esteem.  Kids often feel too embarrassed to share how bad they feel about themselves because they don’t want their parents, friends, teaches and the people they love the most to think less of them and what I have noticed a lot is that don’t want to let us down.  Instead they might cry themselves to sleep and suffer in silence

Did you know that….

  • 30% of tweens (children aged between 10 and 12) experience headaches and difficultly sleeping as a result of stress;
  • 25% of children aged 13 to 18 experience anxiety;
  • 10% of children are diagnosed with depression before the age of 18;

Something is clearly not working…  

Life Coaching for kids works!  It could change your child’s life forever – we teach them skills for resilience, self-confidence, strong self-esteem, so they can become the leaders of their own lives able to handle the ups and downs of growing up. 

Life Coaching for Kids Works!

Life coaching empowers kids through mindset development.  Kids learn how to use the power of their mind and the power of their thoughts to create happiness, confidence and success in their lives.  They will have the tools to take their life, goals and dreams wherever they want to go.  

Coaching helps kids develop resilience skills.  Kids learn how to handle life’s ‘curve balls’ so they can quickly and more easily bounce back after a setback or disappointment;

Coaching helps kids develop strong self-esteem from the inside out.  So that their self-worth comes from themselves rather than the opinions of others.  They know who they are who they want to become.

Coaching helps kids develop self-confidence.  They learn to believe in themselves.  They are able to move through fear and anxiety so they can stretch outside their comfort zone and go for their dreams;

Coaching helps kids develop their own inner compass.  They learn how to think for themselves and make good decisions, so they can stand up to peer pressure and be their own person.

Coaching helps kids to live a life with intention rather than drifting through life with no real direction.  They develop self-leadership skills and an empowered way of thinking that allows them to develop a clear vision for their lives.   

Amazing Skills That Will Serve Them for the Rest of Their Lives!

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