Coaching Kids Online

we send a welcome pack in the post – a little bit modern – a little bit old school

Similar format to our face to face coaching – it just happens via Zoom 🙂

What Kids Love Most About this Program is the Special Delivery Direct to Their Door

“The year 2020 caused our little business to have to pivot and with that came the daunting task of taking our children’s coaching online”

“It’s an absolute hit with the kids. It works well, giving us the opportunity to reach more families and children with these life changing skills. And we are very excited about that!”

Like our Face to Face Program our Online Program allows us to get to know each other, meaning I will be able to tailor the programs more to the particular needs of your child.

To compliment the learning strategies, we post your child a welcome pack containing gifts and materials they will use for drawing, writing, craft activities and stories. In addition we send you printable work books and journal sheets. It is a lot of fun!

“What kids love most about this course is that their materials for arts and craft activities and other special surprises are sent to them in a welcome pack. We then use these supplies during each coaching session”

Your child will leave our online session feeling good about themselves and will learn the skills they need to overcome any thoughts or behaviours that may be holding them back. They will create something to share with you every session.

With the skills they learn they will be equipped to overcome fear, cope with change, set and go for goals in life, overcome peer pressure and so much more.

We work closely with you as their parent or care giver to identify and bust through any limiting beliefs that may be holding them back and we welcome your presence on the call. You are after all their biggest supporter – and that’s the reason you are here!

Developing strong mental health starts in childhood and by participating in our Online Face to Face Coaching Program your child is sure to gain valuable positive mindset tools and life skills that will help ensure they thrive through the rest of their lives.

What better gift could you give them?

We look forward to hearing from you.

    The below chart shows the 27 skills we focus on developing in children. Your child will learn mindset and life coping skills that most adults have never been taught and that are generally not taught in schools.

    As your child progresses through our Face to Face Coaching Program, you will notice them developing stronger self-esteem and self-confidence as they learn to know who they are and what they value.