Individual Coaching

Our individual coaching programs are all about your child. 



Our individual coaching programs are all about your child. 

Unlike the Interactive Kids Workshops our Individual Coaching Program is put together specifically for your child based on their needs and level of maturity.  

Coaching is significantly different from Counselling in that your child doesn’t necessarily have to have a ‘problem that needs solving’ in order to benefit from the life skills we teach in our coaching programs.  Click here to learn more about the differences between coaching and counselling.

Our Individual Coaching Program will give your child the skills they will need to overcome any thoughts or behaviours that may be holding them back.  With these skills they will be able to overcome fear, cope with change, set and go for goals in life, overcome peer pressure and so so much more.  We work closely with you as their parent or care giver to identify and release any limiting beliefs that may be holding them back in different areas of life.   

The below chart shows the 27 skills we can focus on developing in children.   After speaking with you and your child we will create a six session, personalised package based around the skill set most suited to your child’s needs.  They will learn life coping skills that most adults have never been taught and that are generally not taught in schools.  As your child progresses through our Individual Coaching Program, you will notice them developing stronger self-esteem and self-confidence as they learn to know who they are and get in touch with the very special person that they already are.   I am excited for your child to begin and cannot express enough what a precious lifetime gift this will be to your children.  

Strong mental health starts in childhood and by participating in our Individual Coaching Program your child is sure to gain valuable life skills and tools that will help them thrive for the rest of their lives.  Well done to you for considering this priceless gift for your child. 

Contact us for a free consultation.  We would love to chat with you about whether our coaching program would be of benefit to your child and to answer any questions you may have. 

Use the download button below to receive a free copy of one of the educational stories we use in our coaching programs and see for yourself how powerful our coaching stories for kids can be. 

The below chart shows the different areas of coaching and the skills that we teach as part of our coaching programs.  These are skills that are not readily taught in schools and skills that many adults have not learned to master – instead they often find themselves wondering –  “why wasn’t I taught this at school”   Give your kid the headstart in life that you have always wanted them to have.  Contact us today for a free chat.