Creating Confidence and Courage

Creating Confidence & Courage Program

Whether or not kids believe in themselves will shape who they are and what they create in their
lives. It will determine whether they ‘go for it’ in life or they sit on the side lines? Healthy self-confidence isn’t something kids either have or don’t have. Believing in themselves, even after they’ve experienced a setback or disappointment, is a skill that they can develop!

We have a 5-session confidence and courage package that helps kids understand how to develop healthy self-confidence: If you are interested in this package please use the contact form below leaving your phone number and I will be in touch for a chat about it. We can of course also tailor programs to better suit the needs of your child.

Along with the story all sessions include discussions, fun worksheets that we do together, an activity and take home sheets to reinforce the learnings.

Session 1

Young children often don’t understand the concept of self-confidence or why it’s important.
I share the story Canville and Can’tville – a Tale of Two Towns which helps children understand what self-confidence is and the different impacts of having an “I can” belief system versus an “I can’t” belief system.

Session 2

What kids accomplish in life is shaped by what they believe about themselves. Beliefs are held on both the conscious level and the subconscious level. When kids learn how to uncover negative
beliefs they may be holding on to, they can then learn to shift them over to supportive beliefs that will better serve any outcomes they want to achieve. Kids become more capable of handle
disappointments and setbacks without giving up on themselves.

In this session, I share the story Who’s Flying Your Plane and help kids understand how their mind shapes their world and what they can do to ensure their mind shapes their world in a positive way.

Session 3

Learning how to move through nervousness, anxiety and fear helps kids learn how to believe in
themselves when facing something new. I share the story Pathway to Success to help
kids understand that these feelings are a natural response to doing something new because their brain hasn’t developed neural pathways for the new experience. This one is a real eye opener for kids. We usually see changes in their level of confidence very quickly after this session.

I may also share the story Slaying Dragons to help kids learn three common thought patterns that create fear and a five-step process for moving through that fear and creating courage.

Session 4

After kids have learned how to move through fear, we work on solidifying a positive self-concept
by learning to develop positive self-talk. Positive self-talk helps to build strong neural pathways
and program the mind for strong self-confidence. I share the story Choosing Your BFF (Best
Friend Forever)
to help kids understand how to use the power of positive self-talk and become
their own BFF.

Session 5

When things don’t go their way, kids often give up on themselves which devastates their self-confidence.

A powerful skill that kids in our programs learn is how to separate events and results from “who they are” as a person. In our wisdom programs we call this power shifting (often referred to as reframing).

I share the story Power Goggles to help kids understand how they can choose to look at things in a different way – and often when we look at things in a different way, the things we look at change.

    Programs based on the WISDOM System for Coaching Kids TM